About Us

Located in Haining city, Haining Chengye Warp-Knitting Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the production and processing of Warp knitting fabrics. With the efforts of all staffs, and under the help of experienced technicians and well-established management system, we have successfully become a manufacturer of high quality products. Now, our Warp knitting products are highly recognized and appraised by customers, and receiving high reputation in the market.


Now, we are a specialized manufacturer of all kinds of medium/top-grade Warp knitting fabrics, including: High-visibility Fabric, High-visibility Mesh, Medical anti-static fabric, Poly tricot brushed.Golden Velvet. Loop Velvet, Stripe Velvet etc.


Insisting on such idea of "being human-oriented, honest business" and tenet of "customers first, credit supreme" and upholding such spirit of "keep pace with times, be pioneering and innovative", we are working hard on the establishment of new development platform of our company; through strengthening internal management, we aim for better quality.


Haining Chengye Warp-Knitting Co., Ltd. looks forward to cooperating with customers all over the world for achieving mutual development and creating a bright future!

Contact Us

Add: No.76 Jingbian 10th Rd Warp Industrial Park Haining City
Zhejiang Province China

Contact: Manager Zhang +86-13967359166

Tel: +86-573-87268807

Fax: +86-573-87268760

E-Mail: ken@cywarp.com.cn

URL: http://www.myphpnet.com



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